Joseph Cao-Standing Tall on the Issues for Louisiana


When it comes to our children, their education is one of the most important decisions that we have to make as parents. Some of the biggest questions parents are dealing with today are:

  • Will the school that our children attend provide a safe learning environment?
  • Will our children’s education enable them to make just, moral decisions?
  • Will the school system provide our children with the best possible tools for our children to learn?

As the father of two daughters who are in middle school, I know how important the answers to these questions are. That is why I will continue to fully support school choice in Louisiana, so that parents can make the best possible decisions regarding the education of our children. As your United States Senator, you can count on me to protect your freedom to choose the best school for your children.

The Second Amendment

As your Senator, I will stand tall to protect our 2nd Amendment rights from infringement by overreaching bureaucrats or The White House.


It is critical that we have a secure border for the safety of our citizens. We must know who is coming in and out of this country to ensure our national security by fixing this system once and for all. This will also be a key in stopping the flow of illegal drugs across our southern border by the Mexican drug cartels. This will save valuable tax dollars, reduce crime and make our cities safer.

Trade & Protecting Manufacturing Jobs

We must stop making bad trade deals which hurt working men and women and contribute to poor job creation. It is time to have a voice in the Senate who will hold Presidents accountable in trade negotiations for making good deals which benefit America.

Fighting Corruption in Washington

I defeated a longtime incumbent to win election to the House of Representative in 2008 who embarrassed our state due to corruption and an FBI investigation. I have taken on the system as an outsider who wants to make our government work the way it should. There is too much money in the political system and I need your help to take it on and win. Too many decisions in Washington are made by campaign contributors pressuring lawmakers who they donated to. It is time for the people to take back control of our government and elected officials. I will be your voice to clean up Washington if you honor me with your vote.


The issues of security and safety in our cities and in our streets continue to elude the best efforts to address the issue of crime. When I served in Congress, I was able to secure $1.5 million for the New Orleans Crime Coalition to help fight crime in our cities.

However, much more needs to be done in order to make our cities safe. We must address the poverty that is a major cause and the failure of the economy to produce good paying manufacturing jobs to can help rebuild our urban core.

How do we go about addressing the moral upbringing of our children so that they can become productive citizens? As your Senator, I will search for every idea that may help save children and begin to heal many hurting communities. Protecting you, the lives of your family and your private property will be at the top of my priorities for Louisiana.

Energy Independence for Louisiana

For the sake of our nation’s security and economic future, oil and gas is the lifeblood of Louisiana and we must fight to safeguard this great Louisiana industry that is a foundation for our way of life and has provided our nation with energy security for decades.

Our oil and gas industries are presently under attack by foreign nations that want to destroy the capability for our country to become energy independent.

How can we safeguard the lifeblood of Louisiana and in the process enable us to become less dependent on countries that have threatened to destroy us?

We must fight the bureaucrats in Washington at the EPA who are waging war on our working families. It is imperative that our country become energy independent and in the process preserve family sustaining jobs for Louisiana families. I will be that loud voice fighting for Louisiana oil and gas in the Senate.

Terror & ISIS

First we must have a secure border and give our intelligence and law enforcement agencies the resources they need to hunt down and eliminate these threats. The San Bernardino shooting was a wake-up call to all Americans and I will stand against President Obama and keep open Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility.

We must keep terrorists from being freed or placed in American prisons to radicalize our worst criminals. We cannot allow President Obama to play politics with national security. As your Senator, I will keep the security of the people of Louisiana first in my mind.

Taxes / Spending / National Debt

I believe our tax system needs to be simpler, fairer and closes loopholes for large campaign donors to game the system. A simpler and fair tax system will help create economic growth and put America back to work again. Stronger economic growth will allow us to grow out of our deficit, make it easier to balance the budget and help us fund our priorities.

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